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About Coldness Removal (The Hietori Method)

Welcome to the page introducing the coldness removal method in English. This page is made possible by a lovely Japanese girl named Eriko, who is located in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. She started hietori method in 2015 and experienced a drastic improvement in her health of both body and mind. She is impressed with the remedy results and is committed to spread the words about Hietori to the world. Therefore she takes on a role as offering Hietori health information to people overseas in English. Many thanks to Eriko san for the lovely illustrations and very informative writings. I hope you all like it and find it helpful.

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Hietori means 'getting rid of coldness from a body, a mind, and a heart' in Japanese. Hietori consists in 2 words, "Hie" and "Tori". Hie means "coldness" and Tori stands for "removing something away" in Japanese.


This method is based on an idea: get all of disease symptoms out from a body through removing coldness in the body, then aim for true health.

Dr. Shindo Yoshiharu discovered and established Hietori Method when he was 60 years old in May 1983.


He used to work as an otorhinologist. While he worked hard for several decades, he gradually came to think that there is a limit in Western medicine to treat and examine mainly a part of body. For the fundamental treatments of diseases, he thought he has to focus on not only the part of body with problems but also the entire body. Then, he came to in his mind Oriental medicine such as acupuncture and moxibustion and herbal medicine.


He combined ideas of Western medicine and Oriental medicine together, then his treatment results went up, and the number of patients increased. However, he did not prescribe any medicine, injection, nor any surgery at all. He was then forced to retire because he did not follow hospital's instructions of charging fees as much as possible.

He was requested by his patients strongly to keep treating them, he then started to work as a general practitioner at his home in Apr 1981. After that, he treated his patients in only Oriental therapies.


In 1983, he got to learn that human body is affected by cold, hot, wind, drying, humidity and so on. He noticed he could recover by taking half body bath and by keeping his feet warm when he was not well. He then recommended his patients to do the same, then effectiveness of his treatments increased more and more. 

Dr. Shindo mentions that we have the natural human healing power in our body. However, if there is coldness that disturbs self-healing power, we cannot get back to normal. Therefore, all we have to do is getting rid of the obstruction, coldness, then rely on the intrinsic ability to self-heal.

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The way of thinking of Hietori medicine is completely different from general medicine.


The cause of various diseases is coldness. All sorts of illnesses cold be cured by getting rid of coldness in a right way.

Keeping a head cooler than feet is an ancient healthy way in Japan. This way makes a good circulation of entire body, helps speed up metabolism, strengthens immune system, improves a natural human healing power.

According to Hietori Method books written by Dr. Shindo, it has good effects to every kinds of diseases such as a chronic poor physical condition, atopic dermatitis, infertility, spot, winkles, a strained back, depression, insomnia, all kinds of cancers, and dementia. It is not too much to say that Hietori Method in a right way works for all kinds of diseases.

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Every human being has coldness in his/her body

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Most people have not noticed their coldness inside of their bodies. But, people have coldness in their legs without any exceptions by checking them through a thermography. There is about 6 degree Celsius difference between temperature of upper and lower body.

Because most of important organs that maintain a life are gathered in upper body. For example, a brain, a heart, lungs, a liver, digestive organs, and the kidney. These are working 24 hours and generate heat, so upper body doesn’t get cold easily. On the other hand, lower body always are colder due to existence of fewer organs. 

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So, what is "healthy" in a true meaning? There are the guidelines in Hietori Method.


① light complexion, sleek skin

② without spots, moles, and corn

③ hair grows, less gray hairs

④ not get tired easily, and recover quickly

⑤ calm mind 

⑥ breath deeply

⑦ move diligently and frequently

⑧ realize what kinds of food you should eat

⑨ not worry about sleep, meal, and evacuation

⑩ not distress about hot or cold weather, and hunger

⑪ not want to wear chemical fiber clothes

⑫ less smell of a body, mouth, and feet

⑬ less dandruff and dirt, and less dirt of under wears

⑭ not to get bit by an insect easily, if so, recover from it soon

⑮ a highly adaptability


In Western medicine, we call a "disease" when it is appeared as some numbers in blood or urine or is formed specifically as a tumor, a polyp, or an ulcer. Western medicine cannot tell although we already have toxins inside our body which will turn into a disease later on. 

The "Mengen", Cleansing Reaction

When you are unhealthy, your detox ability is slow to get out waste from your body because your instinct cannot work normally. However, the ability is getting stronger, once your body gradually becomes normal by doing Hietori Method. So, it's possible to happen that you have stronger pain, more serious rash and so on while you are recovering from diseases. These are cleansing reaction in Hietori Method,  "Mengen" in Japanese. There are many kinds of Mengen, cleansing reaction. Here are the examples below.

- to vomit

- to have loose bowels

- to spit blood

- to have a fever

- to sweat

- to feel itchy

- to have a rash 

- to feel listless and all the other disorders are included in Mengen.

Mengen is a feature that you are recovering from illness, so you should be happy for it. But, once you are worried about your cleansing reactions too much, the symptoms might be worse. Because the worries or impatience will become new toxin. On the contrary, the symptom will stop faster if you accept that with a calm mind. According to Dr. Shindo's patients cases, it stopped approximately 15 days at the longest if they could bear with a calm mind. 

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Difference between disease symptoms & symptoms of Hietori cleansing reaction.

General disease symptom is a condition that your body is full with toxins, overflowing for your life support.


On the other hand, Mengen is a condition that your body is trying to reduce, and expelling deep toxins inside as your body now has enough energy to do that. It looks the same as disease symptoms, but with less pain or disturbance of daily lives.

Mengen is very important. You need to get over with Mengen, it will naturally stop if you keep doing the right Hietori Method. So, it's very important not to worry about Mengen.


And it depends on individual when Mengen come out, and how it much comes out in what ways. Please take note. 

How to Start "Hietori"

About bath

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Taking a long half bath is the most important in Hietori method, because waste or toxins from the body dissolve in water. 


If you can't do that in your country due to some reasons, foot bath is also okay.

How to take a half body bath:

① Water level: up to around your belly button or your pit of stomach.  

② Temperature: 37~39℃ that you don't feel hot. Be careful to keep the water warm when you're taking a long time by adding hot water.

③ Time: At least 20 minutes. If possible, you can take as long as you can. If you have a disease or you are not feeling well, Dr. Shindo recommends to take a long bath as much as possible. 

④ Wear layers of socks as soon as possible after taking a bath.

Please note that the temperature and the time is different depends on individuals. 

When you cannot take a half body bath, foot bath gives you similar effects. When you do, please wear tops lightly.


①Pour hot water into a bucket up to ankles. It is better to use a towel as a cover so that the water won't cool down soon.


②Temperature: A little bit higher than half bath, but not too hot. Up to you feel comfortable. When the temperature are down, you need to add hot water. It is easier if you prepare it by a electric water boiler.


③Time: At least 20 minutes.


④Wear layers of socks as soon as possible after taking a foot bath.

Check out bath products recommended by Dr. Shindo here: Pine Leaf Bath Salt Powder

About Clothing

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There are 3 main points:


1. Wear more layers for lower body than upper body.

→ When you feel chilly, you need to wear layers of socks first. Then, add leg warmers, pants in order, and lastly a jacket. When you feel hot, on the contrary, you need to take off a jacket first. Let's try not to reduce the layers of socks as much as possible even in summer. 


2. Wear a loose fitting clothes.

→ Tight clothes press a blood vessel, then circulations will be bad. Also, frictions between skins and clothes caused from moving helps body to detox. 


3. Wear natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, and hemp.

→ Skin always detox as breathing and sweat. Artificial fibers like polyethylene, acrylic, and nylon prevent body from detoxing. Silk is the best natural material for underwear that touch to skin directly. Because silk is great in heat‐retaining, dehumidifying and detoxing. So, it keeps feet warm while absorbing moisture and the waste from a body and discharge them out. Cotton and wool is also good for keeping the body warm and helps sucking out the toxins from the body.

Check out silk products for lower body here: Silk-Cotton Layering Leggings and 100% Silk Leg Warmers

Layering of Socks

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①Silk toe socks. (Cocoonfit 100% silk toe socks)

②Wool or cotton toe socks. Wool is warmer than cotton.

③Silk socks.

④Wool or cotton socks. 


Why do we need to wear toe socks for 1st and 2nd ones? This is because it is easier to absorb toxins from each toes. 

At least 4 layers of socks is necessary and basic. If possible, we can't have too many of them. But, please note that it changes depends on individual symptoms. Dr. Shindo recommend at least 10 layers of socks if you now have illness.

Check out 4-layered socks sets here: Cocoonfit 4-layered socks set in Cotton (Size S / Size L) and 4-layered Socks Set in Wool

While Sleeping

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The waste comes out from a body easily while sleeping. Have you ever experienced that you have a cough a lot, get itchy, or go to the bathroom frequently when you sleep?  

Dr. Shindo recommends to use hot water bottle (Yutanpo) during sleep all year. Just one is okay, but the more you use, the more you can detox.


Even in the summer, it's better to use them by wearing tops lightly or less, while using a fan, or an air conditioner.  

A ceramic hot water bottle (Yutanpo) is the best to keep warm, but others made from plastic are also okay.

Check out Hot water warmers here: Japan-Made Yutanpo 600ml and Fashy hot water bag 2L


Moreover, an electric blanket is not good for a body, so please stop to use. Because, an electric heat always warms a surface of a body, and gets rid of water from a body. 

Ready for Hietori? Have a self-check...

Self-check lists of your coldness in body (the more symptoms you experience, the more coldness is in your body):

□ easy to have rash, especially your face turns red easily and easy to sweat 

□ get hot easily

□ like quick hot baths

□ like taking a shower rather than taking a bath

□ have the swelling of your feet

□ have a low body temperature (below 36.5c)

□ constipation

□ have period pain or irregular periods 

□ catch a cold frequently

□ eat fast

□ get irritated easily

□ have a bad stiff neck or backache

    and so on....

Still have questions? Feel free to contact Grace at or whatsapp +852 2810 5050

We wish you the best in your Hietori journey.

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