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How My Body Cures Eczema Naturally, and Amazingly

One out of every 5 people in Hong Kong are suffering from eczema. I was one of them but I was lucky enough to have met a natural remedy that surprisingly cures it, without any medicine or invasive treatment.

I have been suffering from eczema in 2019 for about a year. I had eczema on half of my face, hands, and the whole back of my neck. It was very depressing because neither steroids nor Chinese medicine helped so I went out to seek other remedies (as if there is any). While I was exploring solutions I eventually learnt that eczema was caused by too much coldness in the body. Eczema, or other skin problems, happens when toxins are not being expelled from the body properly and the body, as an instinct, pushes out those toxins through the skin to maintain its health. This didn't sound very convincing to me at first but I was very desperate so I started the coldness-combat regimen without much expectation. 

One of the regimen to combat coldness in the body was to cut down intake of fruits and salads, especially for breakfast. So I changed my habit of having fresh apple carrot juice to cooked ginger porridge. For about three days, my eczema was drastically calm and soothed, with skin less red, flaky and itchy. I was very surprised with the results so I continued to execute more regimen to combat my body coldness such as foot bath, drinking ginger water, and wearing sleeping socks to keep my lower body warm at all times.

After more than 6 months of the regimen, my eczema was completely gone and cured. I no longer worry about eating beef, egg or seafood. And I no longer limit my choice of skincare to medicated brands. I am amazed about my body's ability to cure itself as long as we care for its needs and provide the suitable environment. I shared my story to my friends who have similar skin problems and most of them got very positive improvement. Now this natural remedy is my  new healthy lifestyle that I am committed to for myself and also my family.

Stay warm and healthy,

Grace @atatadays

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